SAPS Calcs

These are required, when you have a lot of glass in the project/proposal. The Building Inspector decides whether these are required. In essence, they are Heat & Loss Calculations. These are carried out by our SAPS Engineer and are a report of what the Calcs and what they need to be, in order to meet the standard required, for new development projects. This is then converted to the additional insulation etc that you need in various areas, to counter the loss by the new project glass areas.


The process of SAPS CALCS is carried out in 3 parts:
  • 1
    Finalised Drawings

    Finalised Existing and Finalised Proposed BUILDING REGULATION Drawings, are reviewed by our SAPS ENGINEER.

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  • 2

    Fenestration ( glazing ) specifications are reviewed by area and type.

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  • 3

    A SAPS CALCS REPORT will be required on ALL new builds and some extensions, where the large area of new glazing, exceeds the criteria.( ASAPS CALCS REPORT is in essence, the heat/loss calculations, depending on the materials of insulation and construction, used in a project).

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