We are manufacturing high-valued acoustic materials under the brand name Himalyan Acoustics.

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Himalyan Acoustics

Kool Pack and Allied Industries is a manufacturer of Acoustic Products under the brand name Himalyan Acoustics. If you are facing the problem of excessive sound, echo, or reverberations, we can help you. We, Kool Pack and Allied Industries are an Indian Company based at Dharampur (Distt Solan) in the state of Himachal and have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at our unit in Dharampur. Kool Pack & Allied Industries is a consortium of a very well-established group of companies and the manufacturing unit for acoustics is based in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India.
Kool Pack & Allied Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 company. ISO 14001:2015 is specifically related to an effective environmental management system to enhance an organization’s commitment to the environment. As an industrial organization, we realize our responsibility towards the environment and that is why we focus on enhancing our environmental performance by ensuring that our environmental policy is in line with the requirements and Standards mentioned as per the framework provided by ISO 14001.
We, Himalyan Acoustics started our journey in the year 2005 back, and today, it’s the most admirable brand of acoustics in India. Our manufacturing plant is set up with complete European technology and from here we are manufacturing state of the art acoustical materials and supplying these across the Globe. We are the manufacturers of wood fiber-cement composites which are the oldest and the most effective and greenest material using as acoustics. We are manufacturing acoustics and pro-acoustic products using eco-friendly Cutting-edge European Technology. Every product is certified and tested as per National and International standards.
Always remember, we will be very happy to serve you for better acoustics and we are just a click buy valium diazepam online away at your laptop keyboard and a call away from your smartphone.


Well Crafted Solutions for all your spaces

We have to take care the stage differently where most of the sounds will be played.
Banquet Halls
Banquet Halls are the places, which are built to host thefunctions like marriages, events, parties etc.
Conference Hall
Conference halls are basically meant for the exchange of communication.
Disco's & Lounges
Discotheques and lounges are comparatively small as compare to the banquet halls.
Gymnasiums are the multi-use spaces and are used forsporting events.
Home Theaters
Home Theater is an area where most of the people give the least attention on acoustics.
Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose hall as an area which could be used for multiple kind of activities.
Offices: Bangalore; Gurgaon; Bihar, Bhagalpur; Office Jodhpur; OSTRO Delhi;
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Worship Places
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Our Core Services

Well Crafted Solutions for all your spaces

Product Range


Main Approaches

Sound Absorption is a technique where in various absorbent materials are strategically used to absorb sound to avoid unwanted reflected sound waves within a room or space.
Sound Insulation is a technique majorly used to stop sounds transmission from one room to another. The main benefit of this technique is that it ensures privacy within a room, executive cabin, music rooms, home theatres, etc
Vibration Isolation is a technique, where in resilient materials such as rubber, springs etc. are used to stop transmission of vibrations from source to other mediums.
Diffusion, is called the spreading of sound energy evenly in a given environment. Same reverberation time at any listening position makes the room perfect in acoustics.

Clients Say


Pinegrove School has had the pleasure of getting acoustic panelling installed by ëHimalyan Acousticsí on two occasions. One in our 750-Seat Auditorium - ëThe Colosseumí, in Pinegrove School Dharampur and another in an Indoor ëMulti-purpose Hallí (MPH) at Pinegrove School, Subathu, both in Distt Solan HP. We have observed that their response and service is off the highest order and expected quality. I have personally known Mr Mohit Munshi and his revered father Mr Pradeep Munshi, as well. I do have reasons to believe that Mohit is a visionary entrepreneur, enthused with integrity and purpose. The company he leads can surely be relied uponî

Capt Aj Singh Member Board of Governors CBSE,

I have used the product and services in a couple of projects and have found the product effective. The services are backed with professional competence and knowledge. We wish them the very best.

N k negi Practising Architect,Tayumm studio

We run a luxury hotel in Kasauli and working with Himalyan Acoustics and their team remained a wonderful experience for us. We were facing soundproofing issues in some of our hotel areas for which we contacted Himalyan Acoustics. We got excellent technical expertise, best and technical materials from Himalyan Acoustics for the resolution of our problem. They completely resolved our soundproof issues in a timely and very professional manner. They were also very flexible in customizing their products according to client needs. We look forward to work with them for our upcoming projects also.

Anand Mohan The Mansion, Bed and Breakfast

    Our Clients

    Some of our prestigious clients


    Himalyan Acoustics Wood Fibre Acoustics Panel are extracted from Fallen Pine Wood which is procured from Himachal Pradesh state Forest Corporation Ltd. (Govt entity) INDIA indirectly providing revenue to maintain forests.

    Why Eco Friendly?

    Indoor Air Quality

    Local Manufacturing



    Acoustics & Thermal Insulation

    Non-Toxic Flame